Addressing Change

There are few constants in this world. However, change is one constant you can count on. How you perceive and address change impacts many things in your life. From a business perspective, the hyper-competitive, information at your fingertips competitive environment we live in continues to push changes in your industry.  With new technologies and trends… Continue reading Addressing Change

Relationship Marketing

Sometimes good marketing can be boiled down to relationships.  Build strong relationships and those relationships can effectively market you on your behalf.  By seizing opportunities to foster and create new connections opportunities for your growth multiply.  Review your social and work calendars and get out to events, take part on panels, and keep connecting with… Continue reading Relationship Marketing

Optimize Corporate Facebook Landing Pages

Facebook Pages have been an effective way for companies to energize their fan base.  According to a report published by eMarketer, corporate Facebook fans could be worth an average of $136.38 each.  Many fans are more likely to read Facebook updates from brands over emails so using Facebook as a communication platform.  Now that Facebook… Continue reading Optimize Corporate Facebook Landing Pages

Customizing Sales Calls to Fit Regional Culture

Cold calling can be a very effective marketing tactic. However, because of differences in cultural expectations in various geographic regions, your call requires a customized approach for each region to improve its effectiveness. Reduce headaches and improve your cold calling hit rate by addressing companies with their regional culture in mind. Let’s take a look… Continue reading Customizing Sales Calls to Fit Regional Culture

Transform Time With Focus

Growing up, my dad would often talk to me about time management.  His advice boiled down to making the most of your time and this was expressed in multiple ways, including: Making sure you have everything you need for the day (e.g. – notes, directions, planner) Working with the right people to accomplish a task… Continue reading Transform Time With Focus

Last Minute Tax Tools

Tax tools and services can help ease the stress of tax season.  The following are a few tools you might find useful in your tax preparations and the financial management of your business. Teaspiller – Need last-minute tax advice?  Find an IRS and CPA certified accountant to answer your questions quickly – either by phone… Continue reading Last Minute Tax Tools