How to Validate Problems Worth Solving

Don’t Jump to Problem Conclusions As a software developer, you want to solve problems. The code you are writing would be meaningless if it didn’t. However, if you aren’t the target market you are serving, you may assume a solution is needed before the problem is defined. Before you try to solve a problem, make… Continue reading How to Validate Problems Worth Solving

Marketing With Awards

With the Academy Awards last night, I’m reminded of how persuasive awards can be to prospective clients. Winners on Oscar night will forever be referred to as an “Academy award-winning” actor and companies can also capitalize on noteworthy awards. From a marketing perspective, awards can be very powerful statements of strength. Awards serve as strong… Continue reading Marketing With Awards

What Type of Market Should You Enter?

Aside from the timing and growth trajectory of the market you enter, defining the type of market you enter may be the most important thing you do to set your company out on the right foot.   Essentially, there are three types of markets you could potentially enter: existing, resegmented, and new. Each require a different… Continue reading What Type of Market Should You Enter?

Survey Questions to Determine Market Fit

Market fit must be achieved before scaling up your business.  Without it, your company could lose barrels of money on customer acquisition activities with low returns.  But once you have found market fit, your business can be scaled up to earn positive ROI on marketing spend. The question is, how do you achieve market fit?… Continue reading Survey Questions to Determine Market Fit

Differentiating With Customer Service

As more products essentially become commodities, service has become a viable means for increasing revenue and profit margins for companies in these industries. Use a service strategy to your advantage. Big companies often struggle to develop great relationships with their customers.  Too many levels of authority, employees unauthorized to make decisions, arbitrary policies preventing customer-facing… Continue reading Differentiating With Customer Service