How to Validate Problems Worth Solving

Don’t Jump to Problem Conclusions As a software developer, you want to solve problems. The code you are writing would be meaningless if it didn’t. However, if you aren’t the target market you are serving, you may assume a solution is needed before the problem is defined. Before you try to solve a problem, make… Continue reading How to Validate Problems Worth Solving

The Secret Weapon To Sizing Up Your Target Market

Pivoting your product to better meet the needs of you target customer is key, but before you do this, shouldn’t you know whether that target customer’s market is the most attractive one to serve? Gaining traction in the right target market is critical to ensure your efforts are rewarded. I’ve talked about market sizing before and… Continue reading The Secret Weapon To Sizing Up Your Target Market

SMART Metrics

When dealing with data, be smart. Apply a SMART dashboard to your metrics and data analysis efforts. Much like SMART goals, SMART metrics ensure you measure the right data and that it is actionable. When looking at web analytics and marketing campaigns I define my SMART metrics as: Specific – To be useful, data needs… Continue reading SMART Metrics

Emotional Marketing

As more companies go down the road of emphasizing the bottom line, emotional marketing is often discounted as a viable strategy for marketing spend. However, for those interested in capturing higher margins for their company’s services, emotional marketing can be a sure fire way drive up value.  The beauty of emotional marketing is that it… Continue reading Emotional Marketing

Marketing With Awards

With the Academy Awards last night, I’m reminded of how persuasive awards can be to prospective clients. Winners on Oscar night will forever be referred to as an “Academy award-winning” actor and companies can also capitalize on noteworthy awards. From a marketing perspective, awards can be very powerful statements of strength. Awards serve as strong… Continue reading Marketing With Awards

Branding With Reputation Management

In some organizations, branding is a bad word.  If your company needs marketing to prove their branding efforts and you find yourself fighting the view that marketing is only synonymous with advertising, listen up.  While branding may include marketing managing advertising, it is so much more than that. Branding delivers value across the company and… Continue reading Branding With Reputation Management

What Type of Market Should You Enter?

Aside from the timing and growth trajectory of the market you enter, defining the type of market you enter may be the most important thing you do to set your company out on the right foot.   Essentially, there are three types of markets you could potentially enter: existing, resegmented, and new. Each require a different… Continue reading What Type of Market Should You Enter?