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Stop Checking Email with AwayFind.com
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From time to time there are interesting SaaS marketing efforts that I come across. One such example comes your way from AwayFind.

In case you haven’t used it yet, AwayFind is a very useful service that alerts you via SMS/voice when emails deemed important by your own criteria hit your inbox. The service delivers the benefit of affording you uninterrupted time to focus without the distraction of having to constantly check your inbox. I love efficiency applications and I’ve found AwayFind to be a very useful tool for me.

Almost ten years ago, I received an email message from AwayFind that caught my attention and would still do the same today.  From the short personal and informal subject line to the unexpected content, it incited a reaction from me.   Read the copy of the email and see why I think this email was so effective below.

From: Jared Goralnick (AwayFind)
Date: Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 1:15 PM
Subject: You and me…
To: The Marketing Tactician

Hi Scott,

I may not know you personally.

You don’t know me from any other tech geek with a web service or techie startup.

And we’ll probably never get the chance to meet.

But let me tell you a quick story, and ask you a quick favor…

I’m not just someone at a tech company.  My name is Jared.  I have several passions in life including swing dance and photography.

But my real passion, and what I’ve devoted my entire career to, is helping people to use technology as a vehicle rather than an obstacle to getting stuff done.  For the past 3 years, I’ve been consumed by AwayFind and helping people to escape their inbox— not just to help them become more efficient at their jobs or run their business better, but to allow them to spend more time with their family or whatever it is that makes their lives more whole.

So that’s my passion and the reason I created AwayFind.  I think that we offer a pretty good service.  But I know that it can be better.

And I know you can help me figure out how.  If you could spend two minutes and fill out a quick survey as a favor to me, it’d really help me to understand how we can do a better job…for you.

<<Thanks in advance for taking our 2 minute survey.>>

Here’s to time well spent,



Things I really like about this marketing effort are:

  • The From: line includes a person’s name and their company so it’s easily identifiable
  • The subject line is short (only 13 characters!) and seems directed to me… I’m the “me” in the “You and me…”
  • The body copy is easily scanned and the bold text tells me what the message is about
  • Jared tells an authentic story that helps me understand why Jared needs my help
  • The content is unexpected. Most emails won’t walk me through my internal dialogue like this email has done. And it doesn’t come across as a marketing email to me. Jared is just asking for my opinion like a friend would ask me.
  • The email has one call to action… Fill out a quick survey.
  • Its marketing message is on point. AwayFind is all about saving time and the closing really hits the mark by tying in the survey with “time well spent

Kudos to Jared and the AwayFind team for a great product and a fantastic example of email marketing!

What do you think about this email from AwayFind?


  1. Thanks so much, Scott.  We worked really hard on that email, and it really helped us to learn who our users are, how they think about AwayFind, and what we need to work on.

    I’m so glad that AwayFind has been helpful for you, though I recognize that not everyone understands how/why we’re out there–that is, not everyone recognizes the role of interruptions in our workday.  And as such, our challenge is as much communications as it is technology.  And we’re going to be putting a lot of energy into that communications…because we really want people to change the way they spend half their day–we don’t think they want to spend it in front of their inboxes.

    Thanks again for the warm thoughts and for using AwayFind.  I welcome your thoughts on the many changes you’ll be seeing in AwayFind’s communications.  We want to get people over this email challenge, and we’ve got a long way to go.
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Jared. Keep up the good work and stay focused on bringing productivity to the masses!!

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