Survey Questions to Determine Market Fit

Market fit must be achieved before scaling up your business.  Without it, your company could lose barrels of money on customer acquisition activities with low returns.  But once you have found market fit, your business can be scaled up to earn positive ROI on marketing spend.

The question is, how do you achieve market fit?

According to customer development gurus, market fit has been achieved once 40% of users of your product/service would be “very dissatisfied” if your product/service was taken away from them.  So to determine market fit you must reach out to your user base and ask them questions that how your product/service meets customer needs. Thankfully, Sean Ellis of, has created a refined survey to assist with this process.

First things first though.  Who should answer your survey?

Ask a random sample of users that are:

  • Experienced with your product/service offering
  • Used your product/service at least twice
  • Used your product/service in the past two weeks

Now you are ready to survey your users with the following market fit questions.

  1. How did you discover (insert your product/service name)?
    • Blog
    • Friend or colleague
    • Search engine (e.g. Google, Bing)
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Other (please specify)
  2. How would you feel if you could no longer use (your product or service)?
    • Very disappointed
    • Somewhat disappointed
    • Not disappointed (it really isn’t that useful)
    • N/a – I no longer use (your product/service)
    • Please help us understand why you selected this answer.
  3. What would you likely use as an alternative if (your product/service) were no longer available?
    • I probably would use an alternative
    • I would use:
  4. What is the primary benefit that you have received from (your product/service name)?
  5. Have you recommended (your product/service) to anyone?
    • No
    • Yes (Please explain how you described it)
  6. What type of person do you think would benefit most from (your product/service)?
  7. How can we improve (your product/service) to better meet your needs?
  8. Would it be okay if we followed up by email to request a clarification to one or more of your responses?
    • No
    • Yes (please enter the best email address to contact you)

If you don’t need to customize these questions, use the tool.  It’s very easy to setup and will get you started really quick.  Otherwise, I’d recommend pasting these questions in Google form questionnaire and tweaking them to your satisfaction. The most important thing is finding your market fit and a survey like this can help you get there.  Good luck!

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