Transform Time With Focus

Growing up, my dad would often talk to me about time management.  His advice boiled down to making the most of your time and this was expressed in multiple ways, including:

  • Making sure you have everything you need for the day (e.g. – notes, directions, planner)
  • Working with the right people to accomplish a task
  • Giving attention to the moment

Time is a valuable commodity.  And if “time is money,” focused time is worth more money.

Focused time can be transformative.  Some of my best ideas come when I’m able to focus and lose myself in deep thought.  When immersed in a project, my unconscious brain begins to connect with my conscious brain.  Ideas, relevant connections and epiphanies fire through my synapses.  These insights can create momentum that accelerate and even transform a perfectly good project into a wildly successful one.

Try it yourself.  Set aside chunk of uninterrupted time in your day and see what you can accomplish.  My bet is you will accomplish more than you think when you put your mind and focus to it.  Good luck!

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