Ten Tips To Get Links

As most internet marketers know by now, inbound links to your website are the key ingredient in ranking well for search engines, particularly Google.  But how do you get links to your website?

The best way to get websites and bloggers to link to your site is by creating compelling and useful content.  To reach these websites and bloggers you’ll need to properly promote your content.  There are also other ways to get links directly.  Try the following ten tips to get inbound links to your website.

  1. Socialize your Content

    Enable your content to be shared on social media sites by using tools like ShareThis or AddThis.  The holy grail is getting your content to go viral. Social sites are the gasoline for your content going viral.

  2. Contact and Write a Review of a Company

    The company may link to your review or write about your review on their blog.  Plus, you may forge a new fruitful relationship and are sure to learn some new things along the way.

  3. Create Custom Twitter Profiles

    Build a following around a specific keyword/subject on Twitter.  Tweet relevant content to followers in this segment and bloggers who write about this space will be more likely to discover and write about your content and website.

  4. Submit Articles on Digg

    Submitting articles on Digg will get your post indexed by Google quickly and if it does well, your post will likely earn many links from bloggers referencing it.

  5. Interact with Blogs

    Comment on blogs you enjoy and after building credibility with the writers, request a guest post exchange with the website owners.

  6. Buy Sponsored Links on Reddit

    Use Reddit links to gain momentum on your best content and follow-up with the voters/commentators and request a guest blog post.

  7. Create a Resources Section

    Once your valuable resource section is ready, feature it on your website and ask bloggers to link to it.

  8. Write an Article on EzineArticles

    Publish an article on a site like EzineArticles or GoArticles With Google Page Ranks of 6, these sites will rev up your own website’s Page Rank on Google.

  9. Determine the Type of Content People Want

    Use Twitter and surveys to share your content ideas and request input on content you are considering writing.  This will give you a great idea of what type of content interests your readers.

  10. Create a Squidoo Lens

    Create a lens on Squidoo about a niche subject related to your website and include a link back to your site.  Hoorah for inbound links!

With good content and proper promotion, the links will come.  This is easier said than done, but if you work hard enough at it, you’ll find out what content gets the best response, how to best promote it, and ultimately improve your search engine rankings with inbound links.

What tips do you have for getting inbound links?

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