Customizing Sales Calls to Fit Regional Culture

Cold calling can be a very effective marketing tactic. However, because of differences in cultural expectations in various geographic regions, your call requires a customized approach for each region to improve its effectiveness. Reduce headaches and improve your cold calling hit rate by addressing companies with their regional culture in mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the different expectations held by small businesses in different regions of the US that  I’ve gleaned through making sales calls across the country.

Most small businesses in the South are open to rapport building.  A cold call can start with rapport building in the South, but as with any form of communication, be sure to get to the what’s in it for them before it’s too late.

Get to the point!  While there are exceptions, my experience is you have about five seconds before you get hung up on if you don’t piqué a Northeastern company’s interest in short fashion.  Rapport building can come later in your conversation.

A Midwestern company won’t likely hang up with you immediately, but like any other company they’ll want to know whats in it for them to continue talking with you.

Much like the South, small businesses in the West are often more laid back than those in the Northeast.  I’ve found many of these companies are very open to new ideas and have had lot of success building rapport when cold calling companies in the West.

While there are many exceptions to my experience cold calling small businesses in these regions, consider tweaking your scripts and tactics for cold calling based on the geographic location of the businesses you are calling. Ultimately, if you demonstrate how you can solve their pains, they’ll listen and be open to learning more about the benefit you can deliver.

How have you adjusted your sales call approach to clients in different parts of the country?

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