Customizing Sales Calls to Fit Regional Culture

Cold calling can be a very effective marketing tactic. However, because of differences in cultural expectations in various geographic regions, your call requires a customized approach for each region to improve its effectiveness. Reduce headaches and improve your cold calling hit rate by addressing companies with their regional culture in mind. Let’s take a look… Continue reading Customizing Sales Calls to Fit Regional Culture

Successful Selling

In a recent visit to Tallahassee, FL, I spoke with my Dad about how he’s been able to reverse the trend of higher vacancy rates for the rental properties he owns. About 3 years ago, my father hired a rental management company to rent and manage his rental properties. At that time, his average vacancy… Continue reading Successful Selling

Network to Give in Order to Get

Effectively networking has many benefits.  Ostensibly meeting new people, learning something new, marketing your company and potentially earning more business from referrals are excellent reasons to attend a networking event.  It’d be great if all you had to do was show up and everyone would be interested in you and your business, but the reality… Continue reading Network to Give in Order to Get