How to Validate Problems Worth Solving

Don’t Jump to Problem Conclusions As a software developer, you want to solve problems. The code you are writing would be meaningless if it didn’t. However, if you aren’t the target market you are serving, you may assume a solution is needed before the problem is defined. Before you try to solve a problem, make… Continue reading How to Validate Problems Worth Solving

SMART Metrics

When dealing with data, be smart. Apply a SMART dashboard to your metrics and data analysis efforts. Much like SMART goals, SMART metrics ensure you measure the right data and that it is actionable. When looking at web analytics and marketing campaigns I define my SMART metrics as: Specific – To be useful, data needs… Continue reading SMART Metrics

Addressing Change

There are few constants in this world. However, change is one constant you can count on. How you perceive and address change impacts many things in your life. From a business perspective, the hyper-competitive, information at your fingertips competitive environment we live in continues to push changes in your industry.  With new technologies and trends… Continue reading Addressing Change

Transform Time With Focus

Growing up, my dad would often talk to me about time management.  His advice boiled down to making the most of your time and this was expressed in multiple ways, including: Making sure you have everything you need for the day (e.g. – notes, directions, planner) Working with the right people to accomplish a task… Continue reading Transform Time With Focus

Last Minute Tax Tools

Tax tools and services can help ease the stress of tax season.  The following are a few tools you might find useful in your tax preparations and the financial management of your business. Teaspiller – Need last-minute tax advice?  Find an IRS and CPA certified accountant to answer your questions quickly – either by phone… Continue reading Last Minute Tax Tools

Transparency in Your Business

P&G’s recent backlash for shipping a “new and improved” version of Pampers diapers in old packaging is a lesson proving the value in coporate transparency.   Social media has amplified customer’s voice, which can spread rapidly over social networks.  In this case, upset Pamper customers have put P&G’s new brand in jeopardy before it has… Continue reading Transparency in Your Business