Addressing Change

There are few constants in this world. However, change is one constant you can count on. How you perceive and address change impacts many things in your life.

From a business perspective, the hyper-competitive, information at your fingertips competitive environment we live in continues to push changes in your industry.  With new technologies and trends popping up on an almost daily basis, opportunities to implement new ways to reshape your industry exist. Adapting to changing trends and technologies is a crucial if you and your company are going to stay competitive.

Before you do anything, take a look at industry changes with a fresh perspective.  Use an open mind that is unencumbered by the paradigm you know and consider how this change could play out in your industry’s landscape. Consider the following when addressing change:

  • If the change’s impact has far-reaching implications, embrace it completely.
  • If the change’s impact is speculative, but could be a game-changer, at the very least get a game-plan ready to roll.
  • If the change’s impact is minimal and is the type you can easily adapt to when necessary, pencil out a plan for action and take a “wait and see” approach.

Adapting to change can make or break your business.  Embrace change and continue to push your own changes on your industry.  Ignore change and risk falling behind your competition.

My advice – be proactive.  Implement technology and systems that will differentiate and position your company at the forefront of your industry.  Leave your competition in the dust.  Let them play catchup to the changes you are leading.  To be sure, this is the most enviable position for you and your company.

Are you a change agent?  How are you leading change in your company?

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