Coming Soon…Updates

For more than a year now, my posting schedule has been three to four posts a month.  However, it’s been a busy couple of months so posting has been light recently. But fear not, I’ll be back posting soon and will share with you some nuggets from my busy month culminating with a action-packed trip to Europe!

I’ve learned a lot this summer and look forward to posting new insights soon. In the meantime, I’m very excited about my progress on various work fronts.

On the GivingPal front, we inked some promising new partnerships and are looking forward to sharing some big changes coming soon.  Stay tuned!

On the College Football Observer (CFO) front, we launched some awesome new features including a College Football Pick’em platform and a Forum for our college football community.  Lastly, I was invited to do a guest spot on ESPN Radio where I discussed college football and gave listeners my Week Four preview. What a blast working on something I enjoy so much!

More to come…

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