Startup Marketing Lessons from Cinderellas of March Madness

final_fourThe first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament is one of the most exciting weekends in sports.  The emotion and effort left on the court between teams hopeful of advancing into the Sweet Sixteen is palpable.  However, effort alone can’t get your team into the Sweet Sixteen.  Cinderella teams must play with a winning strategy to reach the Sweet Sixteen.  Entrepreneurs can take notes from a Cinderella’s strategy in their startup marketing efforts to find business success.

Differentiate Your Product

Much like a startup company with a unique strategy that differentiates them from the established companies to find success, the underdogs of the NCAA tournament rely on unique schemes and dynamic, difference-making players that they hope to ride into the Sweet Sixteen.  Differentiate your product from the competition.

Avoid the Gorilla

Victorious underdog teams dictate the pace of the game that works best for their team.  The same can said for successful startups.  Winning startups play “their game” – one that differentiates them from their competition in a landscape they can own.  They avoid beating a “gorilla’s game” in the gorilla’s territory and target a market segment ripe for a better customized solution.  Avoid the gorillas in your industry.

Play Your Game

With your startup business, be sure you are playing your game.  Target your market and differentiate your solution to establish credibility with a unique solution and select customers before challenging the market-leading competition in their territory.  Play your game and taste the sweetness that following through with your strategy will bear!

Is your company differentiating itself from your competition?  Share your story by commenting or send me an e-mail directly.

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