Emotional Marketing

As more companies go down the road of emphasizing the bottom line, emotional marketing is often discounted as a viable strategy for marketing spend.

However, for those interested in capturing higher margins for their company’s services, emotional marketing can be a sure fire way drive up value.  The beauty of emotional marketing is that it works on so many levels.  Emotional marketing increases the value of your service by positioning it in a way that lets your target customer experience a bevy of emotions.

B2B companies often ignore this type of tactic, but it can be very effective.  For example, many business services or products aim to save time for their customers. Capture that time savings and show how it can lead to spending more time with family or a hobby they love. Doing this can induce an emotional response that increases the value of your solution.

Experiencing the joy and anticipation of more time to do what you love is a winning proposition in an any environment. Inject some emotion into your marketing and drive up the value of your business.

How have you used emotional marketing in your marketing efforts?