Five Ways to Recycle Marketing

In these economic times, marketing can and should be recycled when possible. There are many way to “recycle” marketing.  Here are five ways to recycle marketing: Copy proven marketing techniques When you see effective marketing methods being used in comparable marketplaces, why not try them within your marketplace?  For example, if your business receives a… Continue reading Five Ways to Recycle Marketing

Network to Give in Order to Get

Effectively networking has many benefits.  Ostensibly meeting new people, learning something new, marketing your company and potentially earning more business from referrals are excellent reasons to attend a networking event.  It’d be great if all you had to do was show up and everyone would be interested in you and your business, but the reality… Continue reading Network to Give in Order to Get

Eight Steps to Creating Viral Content

Creating content that goes viral is the holy grail for marketers.  But why do some ideas flop and others spread like wild fire?  Follow these steps and improve your ability to make your content viral. 1) Find an interested audience. For content to become viral, an interested audience must be able to find it. Social… Continue reading Eight Steps to Creating Viral Content

Entrepreneurs Solve Problems

Entrepreneurs change the world by solving problems. Inspire your community. Make a difference. Be an entrepreneur. If you need some additional entrepreneurial fodder to start up your business, then the video below is for you. Thanks to Tomas for sharing! [youtube=] I particularly agree with the ‘turbulence creates opportunity’ sentiment. My Opportunity Abounds in Depressed… Continue reading Entrepreneurs Solve Problems