Political and Religious Marketing

Is there a time or place for companies to employ marketing tactics that resonate with the views of potential politically and religious minded customers?

Well, it depends.  Do the tactics expressedly support one political or religious viewpoint over another?  If not, I believe there are many opportunities to reach various religious and political bases.  While many mainstream companies shy away from these potentially ‘taboo’ tactics, smart marketers can find pathways that embrace the passion of these potential customers with positive results. Find out how you can service a particular need or viewpoint of these influencers and you are sure to create a winning campaign.

Much like April Fools marketing provides fodder for PR exposure, political and religious marketing can generate a buzz and spread like fire through these tight networks that now have a reason (or should I say a belief) to support your company.  For startup companies, this type of PR can be the exposure you need to get noticed and stay afloat in tough economic times.

Tread carefully by not being offensive or entering into any partnerships with these organizations and your product or service can profit from niche markets and still be positioned to follow the path that reaches a more mainstream customer base in the future.

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