Optimize Corporate Facebook Landing Pages

Facebook Pages have been an effective way for companies to energize their fan base.  According to a report published by eMarketer, corporate Facebook fans could be worth an average of $136.38 each.  Many fans are more likely to read Facebook updates from brands over emails so using Facebook as a communication platform.  Now that Facebook fans are “Likes,” how can companies go about increasing the number of fans who “like” their pages?

One way to improve your conversion of visitors to your page to visitors who ‘like’ your page is to optimize on your landing page, or tab.  Within Facebook set up your default tab so its interactive with your fans.  Coca-Cola’s Facebook page does this well.  Coke’s default tab requests you click to enter the page making it interactive.  Lastly, incentivize your visitor’s to “like” your page.

The last point about incentivizing visitors is particularly effective.  Since Facebook allows you to display different content to fans and non-fans, you can optimize your Facebook page by offering special content for “liking” the page.  Consider offering exclusive specials or deals for fans and reward them by giving them things they otherwise would not get.

What other techniques would you suggest implementing to increase conversions on your Facebook page?

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