Last Minute Tax Tools

Tax tools and services can help ease the stress of tax season.  The following are a few tools you might find useful in your tax preparations and the financial management of your business.

  • Teaspiller – Need last-minute tax advice?  Find an IRS and CPA certified accountant to answer your questions quickly – either by phone or email.
  • ShoeBoxed – This service is helpful inexpensive tool that makes digitizing your receipts a breeze. They’ll also digitize all the business cards you collect (or have collected) to a .CSV file to upload to your CRM.  If social is your thing, check out CloudContacts.  Plus for all you iPhone users, the Shoeboxed iPhone app is a great addition to the ShoeBoxed service!  Still waiting for my free T-shirt though…
  • Outright – Designed specifically for sole proprietors/single-member LLCs (or more specifically consultants), Outright is a great accounting tool to keep track of your finances and the best part is… its FREE!
  • FreshBooks – Track you time and simplify your invoicing.  FreshBooks has a robust API, which means you can customize your invoicing through your own site/service and brand your invoices too.

As tax season comes to a close, remember tools/services like these are popping up left and right to help ease your tax and accounting burden.  Use them to your benefit!

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